But Why Though?

When it comes to this music, the music I have come so far and worked so hard to finish, the question I have is WHY? and also WHAT i guess...

WHY were you urged to listen to Tru Phonic?

WHY did you listen AGAIN?

WHY did you tell others to listen?

WHAT does this music sound like to you?

WHAT do the words MEAN to you?

WHY do you hope we keep making music?

WHY do you think we are DIFFERENT!?

WHAT do you hope we do next?

Asking these questions does not come from a place of "why even bother" or "tell me why I'm great", but comes from a place of wanting to keep going. Wanting to bring more to the table for our awesome fans. Wanting to know what you love or even hate bout Our Music.

Overall, If we don't Know, How do we grow? So let us Know! visit our "contact Page" and leave us a message.... about anything.... no limits. Peace.

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