Good Music, Made Tru.

The original music of Jake Salter & a Unique Group of Talented Musicians come together in Tru Phonic. Tastes of Alternative rock, Funk, Blues, Reggae, and Hip-Hop can be heard when seeing the band Live or on their new album released September 2018.

Tru Phonic is a Band with an exceptional, Exciting, ever-changing Live Show.

Jake Salter is first a self-taught guitar player who then gained experience with multiple live bands of all kinds while continuing to study many aspects of music like recording, music theory, piano & keyboards, Voice, Guitar technique, and many different genres of music.  The Band is made of of Multiple veterans in the Central Florida music scene who have played for and worked with many other great bands and musicians in the area. When seeing Tru Phonic Live, you will love the high skill-level shown on each instrument, as well as talented Vocal Harmonies and Powerful Lyrics. Jake Salter and the guys are very appreciative of the fans who support their music and find ways to relate to the music in their own lives. 

 The band hosts many shows a year that showcase not only their original music, but also works to showcase and support original music from other musicians You Must Hear! You can see Tru Phonic Live at many venues in Central Florida multiple times a week in addition to their Original Music Parties. You can also see Jake Salter's Unique multi-instrument Acoustic Show many times a month in the Central FL area often featuring Tru Phonic's Jorge Ramos. If you can not find the right shows on this website, Check the band's Facebook page for updates on Live Shows, as well as Jake Salter's page & Tru Phonic on IG. The Group is always looking for artists of any form to collaborate with and share a belief in the Power of Creativity.