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The Band


Jake Salter

Tru Phonic is led by Jake Salter, A distinctive Guitarist who developed his abilities with multiple bands in the FL reggae/rock & cover band scene while also learning Piano, Vocals, and Song Writing. Salter's new talents & musical inspirations motivated him to write songs that combined his original inspirations into boundless music, void of any rules to follow when it comes to genre, groove, lyrical approach, and tone, with Jake's unique Guitar playing often being the driving force behind the music. When he's not on stage Jake is either spending time with his family, Performing Multi-Instrument 1-man-band shows, or working hard on the business side of Tru Phonic. Salter also has a strange and somewhat irresponsible fandom of the notoriously mediocre NBA franchise the Atlanta Hawks.

"Music is pretty cool" -Jake


John Hulland

John was born and raised on a hippy commune in western MA and started playing music at 10 yrs old. He has been performing in the Sunshine State since 2000 in numerous rock, reggae, cover and orginal bands. In 2003 he graduated from Full Sail with a recording arts degree and worked as an assistant engineer at several professional studios in Orlando including Walt Disney Entertainment before taking a job as a manufacturers rep for Sennheiser Electronics Corp. John joined Tru Phonic when it started 2017 and since has been the driving force in making sure Tru Phonic is always trying new things musically while also being a beacon of positivity & Humor.


Daniel Garcia
Tenor Sax, Vox

        After picking up the Sax at 11 years old, and discovering the Blues Brothers for the first time; Daniel was enthralled with music. Soaking up any and everything he could get his hands on and listen to. Digging into artists like Tower of Power and playing throughout his time in school led him to dive deeper into jazz music. Daniel spent 4 years studying jazz up at FSU, honing his skills on woodwinds along with songwriting before moving on to Orlando. Over the next few years Daniel spent his time teaching and playing with various bands throughout central Florida before being introduced to Tru Phonic. After sitting in with the band a few times and getting to know them, he realized they had a shared vision for coming out with original music that reaches back to those classic funk and soul albums he had grown up listening to. Between that and a shared desire to put on the most entertaining live show possible, it was the natural next step to join forces and be a full fledged member of the group. 


Ryan "Shorty" Crabbs
Alto/Bari Sax, Vox

Involved with music at a young age, Shorty began playing piano at 3 years old taught by his mother who is also a brilliant musician! He continued Piano for 10 years before switching instruments to Saxophone and also Cello. Shorty played Sax through college before switching majors to culinary arts, and upon joining Tru Phonic he re-connected with his love for music & the Sax while also adding vocal harmony with a pitch-perfect-like ear!


Keyboards, Sax



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